3 Steps to Using Twitter Securely

3 Steps to Using Twitter Securely

Using twitter to increase awareness and sales with twtcpons!

Now you can leverage Twitter to market your products and services and at the same time add value to your followers.

By using coupons, users can offer their followers special offers and discounts with http://twtqpon.com/

Simply fill in the form and choose where your url is hosted with the coupon.  For a fee you can have twtcpon actually design the advert, go to your website and download graphics etc, for you.

For the basic coupon twtcpon is a great way to promote special offers to your followers.

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Inviting guests to your event on Twitter

A really great app to promote events online is Twtvite.com A great functional app that allows you to enter your event and post to Twitter and groups

A great feature is that Twtvite allows users to RSVP to the event by entering their Twitter profile, thy can also RT the event, or you can post it on Facebook or share it on other social networks.

See below for a screenshot of an event invite. As an organizer of an event you enter necessary who, what, where, info, then when users visit the page they see all the information on the event and can even leave comments.
Taking it to another level Twtvite will also show a google map showing exactly where the event is taking place.

Updating Twitter and Facebook easily

Tired of updating your status on different sites?  What if you only want to see Twitter on Facebook?

You can link your twitter status with your facebook status with the help of the official twitter facebook app.

Now when you update your twitter status it gets automatically updated on facebook.

First you need to install the Twitter App, follow the setup process and your done…..  Easy!