Toyota Prius or a Honda Insight?


“Honda has always done things our own way, and this applies to every aspect of each Honda creation, including styling, engineering and performance.”

So pictured above is the new greatest and latest hybrid from Honda, is it just me, or does this look like a Toyota Prius?

With a very similar shape to the Prius  –  does this indicate that all the mid size hybrids are going to all look extremely similar?  I hope not.  It is a five-door hatchback with a smooth front and a high, abrupt tail. You can add the 2010 Insight to a list of similarly shaped cars that begins with the Toyota Prius and includes the Chevrolet Volt.

At a rumored $18,500 starting price there will be many people interested in Honda’s car, especially if the mpg is better than Prius. = lower cost + better  MPG, more sales.


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