Inside the Social Media Ocean

Social Media Ocean?
A number of companies are beginning to “step into the water” so to speak of the social media ocean. However this is not something that you do as a hobby for your business. Social media needs regular updates as you begin to attract and maintain that loyal group of followers. You should develop Social Media strategies into everything you plan, from launch of a product, customer service, updates, in fact as many channels as possible.

However one of the important things to remember is that Social Media is all about communication. People are interested in what you are doing and planning just as much as what you are selling. Provide interesting content that keeps people informed, updated as well as providing opportunity for followers to spread the news globally from their social platforms.

Give content away
The easier that your content is found the easier it will be distributed by your followers! One way to provide easy to follow media is on youtube and any other media sites where you can provide video updates. One advantage of youtube is that they already provide the source code for others to embed your video on to blogs, other sites, im’s etc. Another aspect of distribution is making it free! You want to let people come and take the code to embed it in their site – we want people to hear and see what you are doing. Last year David Meerman Scott new book World Wide Rave spoke about the importance of being able to freely give away information, white paper, video for the purpose of letting your social media go global.
This year on March 30th 2009 Adam Wallace with David Meerman Scott was part of the opening bell ceremony at the Nasdaq. It is the first ever “Tweet-Up” to open the stock market with 30 guests tweeting the opening.

The next Generation
Today’s youth are already into digital media, gaming, video, iPhone and Blackberry apps, they look for the usual coffee houses know where all the local free areas are beside the usual Panera Bread stores! They are intense uses of the internet from IM, blogs and twitter to making video replies to youtube videos. This is the next audience.

Updating Twitter and Facebook easily

Tired of updating your status on different sites?  What if you only want to see Twitter on Facebook?

You can link your twitter status with your facebook status with the help of the official twitter facebook app.

Now when you update your twitter status it gets automatically updated on facebook.

First you need to install the Twitter App, follow the setup process and your done…..  Easy!

Recent meetings….

I recently was in a client meeting where the discussion of Social Media and online Marketing was the next topic. The company assured my team that they were already involved and using social media but with little results. 

When I questioned what they were doing they answered, well “we have a blog and a MySpace page and a video on youtube”  I sat there for a couple of seconds  taking in this deep revelation, before going to the first of 30 graphics, slides, twitters, keynote presentation and videos about social media sites that are available. 

Click.  Within a few minutes the light at the end of the tunnel had been turned on! 

The conference centre we were meeting in was suddenly the hub of outgoing calls as they wanted this web designer to be in on the meeting, the guys doing their SEO offshore were also conferenced in then as we began to talk about the prospect of inbound marketing models, more phone calls to office staff were made for them to come and join the discussion.  This wasn’t a lecture this was social media Interaction between groups of people in different offices, time zones, even countries. All of this conversation going on about “social” marketing.

As I explained the analogy above of who and where people were involved and how – the client suddenly realized it wasn’t just all about selling, but being involved with people, who may or may not become clients. 

The key phrase of the day was when I explained that social media was just like a huge cocktail party and we were all involved in the intermingling crowd, across the web, we were there to listen, help and share with the people in the room.