How do I get more Leads from the Web?

Generating more leads from the internet.

One of the most frequently asked questions, when talking to people about website development is, “How do we utilize the web to generate more leads?”  

The second question is “How to get more qualified visitors that will buy from our website?”

Obviously there is SEO, using blogs in business, blogs to keep visitors uptodate with new products, launches, offers, etc., online press release designed  for SEO marketing, online business networking, pay per click, social media marketing.

Most sites generally only offer one opportunity to capture leads and that is their “contact form”, and it usually ask for the world. They should put a space in their asking when you think that you will be ready to buy – oh wait there already  is that space! its called are you looking to purchase in one month, three months or 6 months…..

No matter how good, detailed or pretty the contact form is, people do not want to give out information to get sold to.

A better way to attract leads is to offer white papers, with free information on your business/industry, produce an e-book relative to what your company produces, markets, share ideas, via a landing page, or opt in mail, have a distinctive call to action – where there is a benefit to the user.

Have a variety of ways that the user is encouraged to give their details and contact information to you.
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