Inviting guests to your event on Twitter

A really great app to promote events online is A great functional app that allows you to enter your event and post to Twitter and groups

A great feature is that Twtvite allows users to RSVP to the event by entering their Twitter profile, thy can also RT the event, or you can post it on Facebook or share it on other social networks.

See below for a screenshot of an event invite. As an organizer of an event you enter necessary who, what, where, info, then when users visit the page they see all the information on the event and can even leave comments.
Taking it to another level Twtvite will also show a google map showing exactly where the event is taking place.

Mad dogs and Englishman go out in the mid day sun

This weekend one of our companies – Resource Group AV inc, was providing Audio, Lighting and some Video production for the Budweiser BudBowl 2009 event at Channelside in Tampa FL as part of the Superbowl weekend.

Talk about “mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun”.  During the set up and build during the first couple of days, it was blazing, scorching, hot!

When I got home at night my wife commented to me that I looked as if I had been at the tanning beds all day. I was sunburnt all over my face and arms. Thank goodness the next few days were cooler although we could have done without all the rain overnight and in the evening.

There were two special bands playing over the weekend, on Thursday there was Snoop Dogg and on Friday there was 3 Doors Down



On Thursday night I was one of the emcee’s for the event and had great fun with the crowds of Steeler and Cardinals fans who were at the event. The crowd was fantastic, enthusiastic and energetic enjoying two great concerts. Over 10,000 people a night filled the area and enjoyed a great night, thanks to Budweiser and BudLight.