Stimulus, yes we know about it, where is it?



Stimulus - where is it?

The Senate is set to take up the debate on the plan today and Republicans insist it won’t go through in its current form. 

“It’ll need to change if it’ll do any good. I mean, things like $150 million honey bee insurance and $650 million to buy government employees cars is not what the American public had in mind,” McConnell said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” 


Guess what  – we didn’t think the “stimulus plan”  was about buying Government employees cars either.  Lets see, most of the banks that are in trouble are in that dilemma because of the housing market and foreclosures, etc.  Wasn’t the idea to bail them out so that the homeowners could get relief too. Now we have everybody and their dog jumping on the bandwagon of government money for stimulus. Even the porn industry went cap in hand for their share.

There are still lots of banks in trouble, thousands of people losing their homes everyday, but I am glad to see that important things like $650 million worth of government cars is high on the stimulus list. Oh that is very important to the economy.

I said to my friend and colleague Angela Stevens at radio station WGTS in DC that we will soon see the true value of President Obama’s plans when we see what “bills” he signs within the first few weeks of office.  Lets see how many stimulus bills are actually doing some good today…wait a minute my Mac is working on all the search engines……still waiting.

Ok,  times up results = None. #Fail.


Fortunately there are people who are interested in helping people stay in their homes, there are people who are moving forward and sharing their knowledge and showing people what to do practically to not only stay alive in the economy but be able to make money.  ISn’t that what stimulus is about moving forward, making money, making the economy better for everyone.    Jeff Kaller , James Smith,  etc,  my friends you have my vote!