New anti theft program for the Mac

With desktops becoming smaller and more portable, and laptops easily targeted – computer theft has become a huge problem worldwide. in 2004 alone over 600,000 laptops were stolen in the USA, however the FBI report that almost 97% of stolen computers are not recovered.

A unique theft recovery application by Undercover designed for the Mac aims to reduce the number of stolen laptops.

Using advanced technology by Skyhook Wireless locates your Mac based on WIFI positioning. Then Undercover transmits the network information allowing the Underground recovery center to track the stolen Mac to within a range of 30-50ft.

At regular intervals Undercover will send screenshots of the stolen Mac. These screenshots will eventually reveal the thief’s identity, i.e email, im, etc. This also makes it easier to work with law enforcement for Mac OSX

Another world’s first is using the Mac’s inbuilt iSight to transmit pictures of the thief and his surrounding every 6 minutes, making it easier to identify the thief.

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