Chevy Camaro at Daytona Speedway

Automobile Manufacturers display new models at Daytona 2009.

This week was the Budweiser Shoot out at Daytona International Speedway, and as well as all the usual race cars the “manufacturers” were there displaying the latest and greatest autos to come out. 

One of the cars on display that immediately grabbed my attention was the new Chevrolet Camaro.

From the looks alone it looks like a Dodge Charger on steroids (although I don’t think Chevy will like the inference)  It has the total muscle car look that you either hate or love. For me I love it.
With 20 inch wheels, a v8 engine producing 400+hp, the usual leather interior, 9 speaker sound system , great dash with easy look down instruments, plus a choice of great colors and for the RS and SS models, twin stripes – what a great looking car.

Can’t wait to get behind the wheel and actually road test one. Maybe not my first car of choice as its not big enough for my company needs – but its definitely going to be on my list of cars to drive.  Hopefully, the car rental agencies will get them in soon and I can get one for the weekend on a show. Right now I always try and get a RT Charger for that fun drive!

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